Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans

Sweet potatoes might be common in the United States but not in my home country. I learned to eat them in Miami fried or mashed. This year I had to bring something to the Thanksgiving lunch/dinner hosted by a friend; here is the recipe I followed.
In order to cook you need some good tunes. I am not ready for Christmas songs yet, so how about some eighties tunes? I usually cook while drinking a glass of wine, but I was running the Turkey Trot the next day, so I had a cappuccino made with white chocolate raspberry beret dessert coffee. Yummm
Ingredients: (for 12 BIG  servings)
12 sweet potatoes
2 cups of brown sugar
2 bars of unsalted butter
2 bags of pecans
2 bags of small marshmallows
2 teaspoons of ginger
2 teaspoons of ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
2 aluminum containers

1. Preheat the oven on to 375 F. Cook the potatoes for 25-30 minutes.
2. Peel the potatoes.
3. Divide them in two parts: cut one half and mash the other half.
4. The ones you cut, divide them between the two containers.
5. Leave aside the ones you mashed.
6. In a pan, mix the brown sugar, butter, half of the pecans, half of the marshmallows and spices. Mix it at low heat until all ingredients are mixed and marshmallows melt.
7. Add the mix to the potatoes in the aluminum containers and blend together with a spoon.
8. Spread the mashed potatoes on top of this mix
9. Spread the rest of the marshmallows and pecans on top
10. Bake at 375 degrees F for 20 minutes. Then broil for less than 5, keep an eye on the marshmallows. I like them a bit burned like when you eat them at the camp fire, but you can skip this step. This recipe it is soooo delicious!! If 12 big servings is too much, just cut the ingredients in half and make only one container. Or even better make both and give one to someone you love :)
 We all have a reason to be thankful. Thank you God, for the opportunity to share a meal with our friends and family.


  1. This is what I'm bringing to the table this year! Thank you for sharing and happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I ended up using to many pecans. I would recommend toasting and then chopping up the pecans that go into the sugar mixture otherwise the half pecans are a little to much and don't add any crunch. Other than that this recipe rocks!