Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am... in Miami

I am my weekly routines inherited from the American system of methodically planning everything while forgetting the Hispanic understanding of life abruptly happening…caramba!

I am yoga class every Monday at the park facing the sea, breathing in and out… “gosh I’m so old… where did my flexibility go?”

I am Tuesday night at home, blogging, googgling, youtubing, facebooking and stalking people online.
Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures and Dreamworks LLC

I am Wednesday’s writing workshop, facing my insecurities, letting the pen write without control and getting writer’s high.
I am Thursday’s run club, abandoning my loner nature and pacing myself with others, pounding the boardwalk mile to mile because it feels like freedom.

I am Friday’s date night, enjoying Miami with my southern gringo who puts a smile on my face…oh yesssss!
Photo courtesy of FIU

I am Saturday’s MBA class maximizing information, knowledge and networking during nine hours when my attention span is less than forty-five minutes.

I am Sunday’s calmness ahead of the work week. Here I am, planning so much I am an American with a little tweak!


  1. That's quite a "barriga" you have Luca. Is that a baby bump I see?

  2. hhahaha my dear anonymous, it is not a baby bump. I guess Luca eats a lot! Thanks for visiting the blog