Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Art Basel Part 1: Oceanfront, the Webster and Charcoal Studios

It’s been more than a week without posting. The reason: finals at school, graduation and mum’s visit. I finally have time to upload the pics from Art Basel. It was lovely and the g-friends, gringo-boy and I had soooooooo much fun. Don’t miss Art Basel next year. I can’t believe there are people in Miami who complain about the inexistence of culture, events and activities to do in our city.

It started with “Oceanfront nights” at Collins Park between 21st and 22nd streets. On Wednesday December 1st, Metric, a Canadian indie rock band performed. After the concert, walking on Collins Avenue, we saw a building right across Mynt with Startroopers by Mr. Brainwash.
Then we went to a gallery/loft in Purdy Avenue where Leonardo Hidalgo had some of his contemporary art.
Next day I started with two parties at the Webster for Swarovski Crystal Palace on the second floor and Fantom – Sea Series on the third floor.
Later to the SCOPE party hosted by Artists Wanted and the amazing Afrobeta performing at Charcoal Studios.

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